7Amazing Benefits of Mobile Apps like Instagram and Snapchat


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Instagram and Snapchat are social media mobile apps which all the users to click & share photographs & videos with their friends and peers, whenever they want and wherever they want. They just need a working internet connection to share the apps. While Snapchat allows the users to upload or share real-time images/ videos on their profile/ with friends; Instagram helps the individual to share any image or video from their camera gallery or from their friend’s profiles.

Individuals can also get their app developed, similar to the above concept, where the user can share real-time text or image with whomsoever they want to. There are many effects, which allows the user to add and filter their images and share as per their desire.

The following are some common benefits of apps like Snapchat and Instagram:


  1. The scale of growth is pretty steep, making it attractive to everyone around the world. Since the launch, Instagram has grown to over 200 million users with over 70 million photos shared every day, in just 6.5 years, and Snapchat has grown to over 150 million users with over 2.5 billion snaps shared every day, in just 5.5 years.

  2. Both is a content specific mobile app i.e. unlike Facebook, which is a complete social media app, Instagram and Snapchat are more of a visual app with images and videos shared on a regular basis.

  3. Both are mobile-centric apps, making it easy to share images and videos from the smartphone. They are not preferred to be used on a desktop or any other device, other than smartphones and tablets.

  4. Snapchat allows the users to upload images/ videos for only 24 hours, while Instagram allows them to upload images/ videos for as long as the user wants (forever).

  5. Instagram can be configured with other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, which can allow the individual to post the image on Instagram and it will automatically be shared on other configured social accounts.

  6. The real-time aspect of Snapchat is a lie-catcher and has made it a trend among the users to click about anything & everything, while they are doing it; allowing them to capture and treasure more moments every day. It can be seen that only 150 million users around the world clicks 3.5 billion snaps per day, as mentioned above.

  7. Instagram is a perfect platform to promote brands and products with images and video ads. Snapchat is still not into the ad-phase, but brands use celebrities to promote their products on their personal accounts. They media apps are more personal than other social media platforms because it requires the individual to add another user first, before checking their profile out.

Any individual can develop Instagram-or Snapchat-like apps to capture the market or use similar technology to promote any other of the 5 senses like audio-or text-based platforms. Such apps require constant improvement and marketing to survive the competitive world.

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